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Lyricist/Artist/Composer/CEO, iQ, is dropping his first explosive 15 track album, "The.Rebirth" on India's Independence Day (and his birthday), August 15, 2009 ... Jai Hind! The.Rebirth features artists such as Bohemia Da Rap Star, Ishmeet Narula (Sa Re Ga Ma 2008 Finalist), and many others!

Composed, Mixed, and Mastered exclusively on the Best of Both Music label at Best of Both Worlds Entertainment, The.Rebirth presents a holistically unique fusion of Eastern Culture and Western Hip Hop with rhymes in Hindi, Gujarati, English, & Sanskrit. 'The.Rebirth' is not just one man's story, but the story of Desi's around the world who understand who they are, where they’re from, and where they’re going.